Do the deceiving partners ever change?

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Is there any chance that a partner who once cheated will ever change?
Once a cheater, always a cheat. Anyone who has been deceived will have no problem telling him. Fear is understandable for people who have been burned once.

And it is even worse if they forgive the couple, only for him or her to come out and do it again, over and over again until each fragment of trust is ripped from the soul of their partner.

But that’s just part of the story. Cheaters do change.

“I know someone who was once a bad cheater,” says Maria [not her real name].

“At the height of his hoe phase, he once blocked his visiting girlfriend until he ended his stroke of luck.

“When he finished, he placed the chick in his roommate’s room before opening the door to his girlfriend who was crying for the boarding, nothing happened and he had a relationship with her for a long time after that.”

“These days, however, he’s in a new relationship and he’s so faithful to his girlfriend, another woman could be naked in front of him and he would leave.

“People who say that a cheat cannot change have never felt the horrible guilt that occurs when you realize you have made a terrible mistake in having a one-night adventure or a love affair,” he said.

The real threat of losing a relationship they value could teach people to recover and act correctly if their partner wants them back.

Do not forget that cheating does not have to be the end of a relationship. It could encourage partners to treasure and hold onto their relationship more closely than ever before.

It is an incorrect way of dealing with relationship conflicts, but in the nadir of unresolved relationship problems and the disconnection of its partners, it is known that people mixed in what they should not do.

If they were ever discovered or not, someone with a tendency to extramarital affairs could come to himself someday and decide to abandon it. It is unfair not to give them the confidence that they could change their ways.

But the best thing is to cheat and harm the people who love you before returning to reality is to be faithful and not cheat.

Sometimes, there may not be an opportunity for true redemption.

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