Simple easy guides to be a great kisser

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If you want to be a great kisser, most of the work will be learned at work, but these guidelines are here to give you the confidence to help you begin your journey to become a professional kisser.

1. Fresh breathing is key
First things first: stay away from the things that would make you lose your breath hours earlier. Oh, and always remember, mint and other sweets that freshen your breath are your friends here.

2. Time
Nothing dampens someone’s mood like being rejected, especially if you’re going to give a first kiss.

So make sure you look good before entering.

3. Start slowly
Go slowly at the beginning and increase the tempo later. Soft and soft kisses before the intense ones.

4. Your language!
The use of the language can be excellent if used correctly.

Use it sparingly, carefully, if you are not sure and still build a rhythm. As you spend time with that same person, however, you can find a rhythm and discover what kind of language action works best for that particular couple.

5. Being in the moment
You need to stay at that moment because the good kissers will reflect the movements of each so that both are on the same page.

6. Be spontaneous
Once you have found a balance with someone, the rules can be changed at any time.

You do not always have to start slowly, for example. But that should be after having come to an understanding of the other’s kissing game.

7. Your hands
Kissing is not only about the lips or the tongue. Your hands are involved, too. A hand around his neck, his hands around his waist, his back … I only know when to involve those hands.

8. Kissing is not just for the lips
The lobes of the ears, the nose, the clavicle and the neck: just think of all those nerve endings and all the sensual possibilities!

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