What is fashionable?

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Fashion adapts to the scene and makes it look as good as it can look. Fashion is the norm of clothes, cars, houses and, yes, even pets. Fashion is fashionable. What is fashionable?

Fashions change all the time. However, there are some constants about fashion. The costumes must fit appropriately and be flattering. Vehicles must be safe and clean. The houses should be comfortable and pleasant. Pets must be well cared for. Now that we know the constants, how are these constant fashions achieved?

Fashion sets usually carry the name of a high-end designer. However, this is not necessary, since in other parts of the world, say the Philippians, fashionable pants include the Levi pant line. This is considered an expensive brand in the United States, but in other parts of the world, it is. Fashionable clothing is the one that adapts well and complements the user’s body. Fashionable clothing does not show too much skin or seems to be too tight.

Fashion cars are very similar to fashionable clothes. What is costly in one country is not in the other. In the United States, the BMW is considered one of the most expensive cars on the market. In Bosnia, everyone drives a BMW and people want the Ford Taurus. How is that luxury and fashion?. There must be enough driver in the car and a lot of cars to be seen.
The fashion houses are incomplete. Everyone wants a home. The houses themselves are fashionable. A fashionable home is a home that is well organized with general themes for each room. The living room should not have garden chairs. The dining room should not have a weight bench. The kitchen should not be a storage room. Fashion houses have to do with themes and cleanliness.

Fashion pets are scary. While it may be “fashionable” to have a specific breed, it is much more “fashionable” to have a healthy and happy pet. However, remember that pets are for life, not for fashion. Once you have a pet, you are in one until the death relationship with the pet. Think before you buy.

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