Is the online fashion school right for you?

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Below are four ways to know if online fashion school is for you or you have a career in fashion design

1. Online fashion schools are a valid option

The good news that online education is becoming more common and more acceptable in the workplace. Many traditional schools now offer courses and complete study programs online, and a 2008 article in USA Today cited research that found that “83% of CEOs and small business owners who are familiar with online education (also called ‘distance learning’) believe that online degrees are as credible as those earned on a university campus. ” While your employment possibilities ultimately depend on your portfolio, work experience, and where you’re enrolling, know that online schools are gaining more and more credibility.

2. Online fashion schools require an initial investigation

Part of the reason why credibility has been a problem is the diploma factories. These fake institutions have websites where the credulous can offer their money, complete little or no courses, and receive their diploma by mail. Of course, these schools are not accredited, so the degree means little in the current job market. Do your research before enrolling in an online fashion degree program. You can contact the Higher Education Accreditation Council or consult the US Department of Education Database. UU From institutions and accredited post-secondary programs to ensure you attend an accredited online fashion school instead of a diploma factory.

3. Online fashion schools require both work and campus programs

The rumor is that online schools are much easier than traditional schools. This is not the case; An accredited online school requires as much work as a traditional fashion program, and probably includes classes on topics such as the following:

• Color
• Textiles
• Tailor shop
• Make patterns
• Fashion’s history
• Desing assisted by computer

If you are interested in managing your own fashion design business, it is useful to have merchandising, marketing or courses and commercial titles.

4. Online fashion school requires responsibility

One of the greatest benefits to any online degree program is the flexibility it allows; You can study where and when it is convenient for you. Of course, all this flexibility means that online fashion degree programs require a lot of responsibility. In online courses, you can often complete work (and class) at your own pace, which means that postponement could be a temptation. If you are someone who needs the schedule and reinforcement offered by a traditional classroom, it is best to enroll in a traditional fashion school.

Definitely requires computer knowledge, dedication and a real interest in your subject to complete an online fashion degree, but if flexibility appeals to you, attending online fashion school can help you achieve your goal.

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