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You need money as much as you need emotional maturity and intelligence in a relationship and until you can afford them, you probably should not have a relationship.

Transactional relations
You must have heard people say that there is no romance without finances and that when you do not have money, you do not have affection … this is simply because deep down, most relationships are transactional in nature.

That is, you still have a great chance of getting someone to love you when you are financially well. If you are not, all your abundance of emotions and good traits can be a waste.

Yes, it’s crazy and, of course, it’s sad. And although some social change is apparently orchestrated through the discourse of social networks, it seems that it will still take a long time to completely or even significantly modify a belief system that has existed for a long, long time in almost all cultures. and nationality in which you can think, although to varying degrees.

Apart from the fact that relationships are largely transactional in these parts, another truth that every man should understand is that there is no relationship that is free. They are not destined to bleed or ruin your credit, but you can not make love in 2018 [or at any time in recent memory] without spending money.

No relationship cannot work without money
Love, even in its purest form, true and genuine, is based on giving gifts and spending quality time on dates, among other things. And there’s no way you’re going to do this without spending.

Every time there is talk of the operation of money in relationships and marriages these days, much attention is paid to women and how they need to participate more regularly and spend money on men as well.

That conversation is triggered to a large extent by the common transactional relationships as mentioned above, and the need to reduce their occurrences.

However, eliminating the transactional nature of relationships will not excuse him, man, from spending on his wife. And you must do it willingly, happily and freely without being asked. Random gifts for her, especially if her love language is receiving gifts; Occasionally making a great show of your love for her and basically just spoiling her.

That’s why you should not be in a relationship when you do not have a source of income. Actually, love is hard enough to prove when you are very ruined.

In this same sense, it should also be established that quotes within your financial budget are one thing and each person has to recognize this. Go out with someone who does not require you to overload your financial muscle.

You also need to go out with someone who fights for financial freedom and seeks your own financial success. These women hardly feel entitled to their money and would relate to their money with an appreciation of their effort rather than a sense of lost right.

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